WF offers integrated transportation solutions and supply chain logistics for companies that rely on freight handling for their success. As a freight forwarder, WF connects you with reliable worldwide shipping solutions for cargo of all shapes and sizes. 

Our customized transportation management services include scheduling, tracking, documentation, invoicing, and communications. We take the time to go over the key components in each shipment to ensure that the process is executed correctly. Our approach is grounded in years of transportation and logistics management experience, ensuring the most efficient, cost-effective solutions to achieve the results you demand.


Our global shipping capabilities have you covered for a multitude of different scenarios. When it comes to the right-sized container, our team of experts are here to recommend the right vehicle for the job. Our team can handle almost any shipping project, with the exception of direct-to-consumer shipments and small packages.


Less-Than-Truckload Shipping (LTL)

An LTL is a method of transporting goods that do not fill an entire truck, leaving space for other shipments. These packages typically range between 100 and 5,000 pounds

Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)

FTL is used for transporting goods that require an entire truck for one shipment. Typically, a full truckload is subject to one of three common maximum limits: shipping 44,000 pounds of product, accommodating 48 standard pallets, or shipping 2500 ft.³ of product. If your shipment is fragile, we recommend an FTL to ensure that it will not be moved or transferred before delivery.

Special Handling Shipping

Special handling shipping provides preferential handling of goods in dispatch and transportation (not preferential delivery). Typically, if the goods require preferential handling during the shipping process, they will also require preferential or specialized delivery services without special or preferential handling during the transportation or line-haul portion of the shipment. It is recommended as a precaution for delicate goods to prevent them from being crushed or handled roughly during delivery.

Express Shipping

These shipments generally move directly from pickup to delivery with a dedicated, sealed trailer. If your shipments need to be expedited, an FTL can be implemented to ensure that there will be no stops for other shipments during travel. Other forms of expedited services are available through specialized LTL networks and air options.


Expedited/Express Shipping

Express shipping ensures that goods arrive faster than standard transit times. The shipments are usually carried out by air, especially in instances where international transport is needed. It allows for optimal shipping times, but this method is more expensive than other shipping methods. 


Another type of air freight service is standard service. This is not the cheapest option, but it does transport your cargo quickly. Sometimes, a standard service flight will travel directly to the destination, but usually, the plane will make a stop or two along the way. Because of these stops, standard service is not the quickest air freight service, but it is a fast and effective way to ship. Businesses that want their items to arrive quickly but do not want to pay for expedited service will use this method.

Consolidation Services

Air freight consolidation is the cheapest scenario for air, it involves the shipment being consolidated with many others, as space on the aircraft permits.  If the particular origin market is saturated with outbound air freight to a destination market, these consolidation shipments will be bumped for standard or express air shipments, as they will take precedence/priority.  This method allows for faster than ground/ocean shipping but can experience delays in leaving if there is a glut of freight in market.


Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI)

An OTI is someone who assists exporters and importers in securing the best freight rates while providing the fastest cargo routing. OTIs also prepare and process the documents related to these shipments.

Less-Than-Container Load (LCL)

LCL is a method of transporting goods via ocean that do not fill an entire container. LCL shipments are consolidated with other shipments into one container.

Full Container Load (FCL)

This method is necessary when the cargo takes up an entire container. FCLs are used to transport goods over the ocean.


Automated TMS

The Transportation Management System is an automated system that allows shippers to keep track of cargo. Shippers can rapidly confirm and schedule orders, ensure that the right carrier and route are being utilized, and optimize load efficiency. Using an automated TMS decreases the risk of human error and makes the overall shipping process more efficient.

Service Time Stabilization

In order to stabilize service times and ensure that your delivery is on track, WF sources reliable carriers with excellent tracking and communication tools. We will deploy critical delivery services, including “deliver by” times. We can also implement appointment settings and notification services to assist in improving the time it takes for our clients to go to market with their goods.

Value Optimization

This improves the performance and efficiency of logistics.


WF offers integrated transportation solutions and supply chain logistics for companies that rely on freight handling for their success. As a freight forwarder, WF connects you with reliable worldwide shipping solutions for cargo of all shapes and sizes. Our approach is based on years of transportation and logistics management services and considers key components, such as scheduling, tracking, documentation, invoicing, and communication regarding your shipment. We have expedited metal material from the Midwest to the East Coast in 24 hours, developed comprehensive supply chain transportation programs for manufacturers, and worked to ensure that global deliveries are completed in the most efficient way possible. To learn more about our experiences working with global shipping clients, read the case studies below.

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